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"Virtual" Parking Permits May Soon Be a Reality

March 23, 2018

We know there are two things residents who live in Residential Permit Parking (RPP) areas want from the program: 1. They want to be able to park in the neighborhood (and as close to their house as possible), and 2. They don’t want getting their parking permits to be difficult.

Better Enforcement

We’ve found a way to make it easier for Parking Enforcement to enforce RPP restrictions. So, enforcement can happen more efficiently and more often. Fewer non-neighbors parking = more parking spaces for residents.

Easier Process

We’ve also found a way to make getting permits easier.

If you live in one of Baltimore’s RPP areas, you must get a new permit once a year. We know it can be a hassle. You must gather the required documents, go to the community pickup or Parking Authority, and wait for a customer service representative. You present your documents for inspection, pay for your permits, return home, scrape the old parking decal off your windshield (not easy!) and slap on the new one.

What if you didn’t have to go anywhere? What if you could do it all online? It’s possible and we’re trying to make it happen.

Instead of a physical permit that adheres to your windshield, your car’s license plate can serve as the parking credential. It’s called “virtual permitting.”

License Plate Readers Mounted on Vehicles Verify "Permits"

Instead of Parking Enforcement Agents walking down the sidewalk checking windshields for permits, they would drive a van outfitted with a license plate reader and gather license plate numbers. If you’ve renewed your permit online (after scanning and submitting your documents electronically), your license plate number will register as valid. If a car’s license plate number does not have a “virtual permit,” the parking enforcement agent can issue a ticket or come back again after the posted duration limit and issue a ticket.

Visitor Permits Can be Virtual 

What about visitor’s permits? They can be virtual too. Before your visitor arrives, you would go online or call on the phone, enter their license plate number and when they will be parking in your RPP area. When the parking enforcement agents come by, your visitor’s car will register as valid.

More Available Parking Spaces Due to More Efficient Enforcement 

It will be easier for you because you won’t have to spend so much time getting your permits, but it will also be easier to find a parking space in your neighborhood, which is the reason for RPP in the first place. Why? Because enforcing RPP restrictions will also be easier. Parking enforcement agents will cover more ground more efficiently. So, fewer people will get away with parking in your neighborhood for too long without a permit, leaving more spaces for you! 

Vehicle License Plate Reader

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