On-Street Parking

On-Street Parking includes all parking that is found on the street. This includes:

Residential Permit Parking

Regulatory Signs with trees and sidewalk

Signs like this make it easier for residents to find parking close to their homes. They are found in many neighborhoods close to places that attract parkers from outside the area, like hospitals, universities, restaurants, and bars. 

Valet Parking Regulations

Valet attendant handing driver emerging from car a ticket

Valet Regulations provide businesses and patrons with Baltimore City Valet Operator Licenses and Valet Parking Zone Permits to conduct valet services on City right-of-way. 

Reserved Residential Disabled Parking

reserved parking sign for disabled permit holder

People with permanent, mobility-restricting disabilities who live within Baltimore City should inquire about their eligibility. 

Parking Meters

fells point parking meter and cobblestone street

Parking meters help businesses by creating available parking spaces for their customers. We have multi-space and single-space parking meters. Meters differ in their price per hour, time limits, and hours of operation. Some blocks are cheaper than others. Walk a block, save a buck (or more)!

Official Business Permits

Baltimore City Hall dome

The Official Business Permit (OBP) is granted to local government agencies and their agents.  These permits provide access to metered parking for Baltimore City agency employees and their agents while conducting City business.

On-Street Parking Regulations


Bus Parking Only Sign

We manage other parking regulations including loading, no-stopping, and bus parking zones.