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Demand Based Parking Meter Rate Setting

Beginning in the Summer of 2017, the Parking Authority of Baltimore City will use actual demand for parking spaces to determine the hourly parking meter rate on blocks in the Central Business District. Using data collected every six months, the Parking Authority will adjust rates to help create one or two available parking spaces on each block, making it easier for parkers to find parking downtown and spend more time enjoying Baltimore.

To reach our goal of one or two available parking spaces per block (15-25% availability; or 75-85% occupancy), we must use the right rate - the lowest rate that will regularly produce one or two available parking spaces on each block face.

Data will be collected and analyzed every six months to determine the average occupancy rate on each block. Meter rates will be adjusted incrementally and slowly. Rates will be adjusted up or down in $0.25 increments no more than once every six months.

  • If occupancy is higher than 85% in a particular block, the rate will go up.
  • If occupancy is lower than 75% in a particular block, the rate will go down.
  • If occupancy is between 75% and 85%, the rate will not change
Occupancy Drives Parking Meter Rates to Optimal Number of Parked Cars

Download Demand Based Parking Meter Rate Setting one-page fact sheet.
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Other cities with demand based pricing:

Central Business District 

Data collected in the last six months found the following:

  • On 23% of blocks, the rate should go down $0.25
    • Average occupancy rates on these blocks were below 75% (too low)
  • On 41% of blocks, the rate should go up $0.25
    • Average occupancy rates on these blocks were above 85% (too high)
  • On 36% of blocks, the rate should not change
    • Average occupancy rates on these blocks were between 75% and 85% (just right)

21% blocks should go down, 41% should go up, 36% should remain the same

Until demand based parking meter rate setting is implemented, rates in the CBD are all $2.00 per hour.

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Central Business District Meter Prices (hourly rate)

Download one-page fact sheet about Central Business District Demand-Based Parking Meter Rate Setting.
Download map of CBD with rate adjustments.
Download above map of CBD with new hourly rates (pdf).


You don’t have to pay the parking meters on these days:

 Parking Meter Holidays include New Year's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

EZ Park Meters (Multi-Space Meters)

ADA Easy Park Meter


Since 2004, hundreds of EZ Park Parking Meters have been installed throughout Baltimore City, replacing thousands of single space parking meters.

There are many benefits to multi-space meters including:

  • Less sidewalk clutter
  • Accept credit cards as well as coins
  • Allows more cars to park per block

Problems with EZ Park Meters can be reported using our online form below or by calling (443) 986-9430 for 24/7 customer service. 

Single Space Meters

But not every single space parking meter can be replaced with a multi-space EZ Park Meter.  Some blocks have just two or three meters or there isn't enough curb space to place an EZ Park Meter.  


Early in 2014, hundreds of new single space parking meters that accept credit cards as well as coins replaced many of the old parking meters throughout Baltimore.  Now, drivers can park in these areas with the same ease and convenience they have grown to enjoy since the debut of EZ Park Meters in 2004. 
Problems with single space meters can be reported by calling (410) 396-1881.

Project SPACE

Project SPACE launched in Phase 1 of Baltimore City on July 10, 2014. People displaying a disability placard or license plate while parked at a meter within Phase 1 boundaries (Franklin Street to the North, President Street to the East, Pratt Street/Key Hwy to the South and Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. to the West) are required to pay parking meters that meet ADA guidelines. EZ Park Meters throughout this area have been upgraded to meet the most recent ADA requirements. Over 200 parking spaces are now reserved for people with disabilities. Reserved ParkingMeter payment is required at these spaces as well as EZ Park Meters.Parking 

Phase 2 of ProjectSPACE went into effect September 27, 2016. Phase 2 boundaries are Eastern Avenue to the North, Wolfe Street to the East, Thames Street to the South, and President Street to the West.

Phase 3 of ProjectSPACE went into effect April 17, 2017. Phase 3 is bordered by:
North - E. Montgomery Street
East - Light Street
South - Ostend Street
West - Sharp Street
For a map with meter locations, click here.

Meter duration limits in Phases 1, 2 and 3 are at least 4 hours (or more). People with disabilities are required to following posted duration limits.

Additional areas will be added in phases in the future. Please click here to learn more about Project SPACE.

If your disability tag/plate is displayed and you are parking outside of the Phase 1, 2 and 3 boundaries, you are entitled to park at an on-street parking meter for double the meter duration limit (not to exceed four hours) without payment.
Example: if the parking meter’s duration limit is one hour, you may park for two hours; if the meter duration limit is two hours, you may park for four hours; if the meter duration limit is four hours, you may only park for four hours.

To Request a Parking Meter

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Parking Ticket Adjudication

Call Bureau of Treasury Management/Collections (410) 396-4080

Parking Ticket Collection

Call Bureau of Treasury Management/Collections (410) 396-4080

Pay by License Plate Parking Meters

Parking Meter

We're testing out parking meters that don't require you to return to your car. No paper receipts to display on your dash as proof of payment! These new parking meters use your license plate number to verify payment. Just park, pay and go. Make sure you know your license plate number before you pay at the meter. Jot it down or snap a picture with your phone. 


Waverly Lot: E 32nd Street and Barclay Street

Saratoga Lot: W Saratoga Street and N Greene Street

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