On-Street Parking Regulations


The Parking Authority of Baltimore City administers the following regulations in accordance with The Baltimore City Code Article 31:

No Stopping: When associated with meter installations, at the end of the street to maintain sight distances for turning vehicles.

No Parking or No Stopping as a temporary parking management measure, except when traffic movement is involved.

No Parking (Driveway Posting): Designed to permit a vehicle to enter and exit an off-street facility for sight distance and safety signs are installed on both sides of the driveway.

Truck Loading Zone: To assist businesses with their shipping and receiving needs with special time limitations. These are not to park service vehicles. 

Passenger Loading ZoneReserved for the exclusive purpose of expeditiously taking on or discharging passengers within the limited time required. These zones do not allow for continuous parking.

Passenger Loading Zone in a Residential Area:  If applying for a Passenger Loading Zone in front of a residence located in a residential area, please download and complete this addendum

Reserved Handicap Parking: Designated spaces for any vehicle that displays special registration plates or placards for people with disabilities. This area is open to the use of the general public (designated at medical centers, nursing homes, and other public facilities)

Parking Meter Installation: Direct installations, or order the installation of parking meters on the portions of the city streets, thoroughfares, and public places for the City of Baltimore.