Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Electric Vehicle Charging Program

The City of Baltimore is excited to support the advancement of transportation opportunities and clean energy solutions through the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations. Baltimore City, through the Parking Authority of Baltimore City, has been a leader in the State of Maryland in introducing electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs) in City-owned parking facilities.  For the past several years, we have had 41 publicly accessible dual port Level 2 EVCSs, capable of charging up to 82 electric vehicles (EVs) at a time, in the parking facilities we manage on behalf of the City.

We have partnered with BGE in the EVsmart program to deploy electric vehicle charging stations. In the Summer of 2022, the Governor’s Appointments Office appointed PABC’s Electric Vehicle Program Manager as a Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (ZEEVIC) member. ZEEVIC is working to develop policies, recommendations, and incentives that promote EVs and other Zero Emissions vehicles.

The Parking Authority has applied for over $400 thousand in grant money to help us expand the number of publicly owned charging stations in Baltimore City both on-street and off-street. This program aims to develop an extensive, accessible, and equitable public EV charging program for the City of Baltimore.   

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Why Electric Vehicles Matter 


Total life cycle emissions (including battery manufacturing) are substantially lower for EVs than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles - particularly during the useful life phase - as they produce zero tailpipe emissions and are quieter on the roads. While our air quality is improving, we still need to be mindful of our ozone and particulate pollution, such as nitrogen oxides.  Baltimore is committed to a clean, healthy environment for our residents and visitors, especially our most vulnerable populations.  Transitioning to alternative forms of fuel and transportation is critical to this commitment. 

Public Health

As the city and other local agencies incorporate low- or no-emission vehicles into our fleets and transit systems, along with the growing adoption by consumers, Baltimore’s entire community will benefit from improved air quality. 


An electric vehicle in Maryland costs less to charge up per “e-gallon” compared to the cost of fueling up with one gallon of gas. With fewer moving parts, electric vehicles also incur lower maintenance costs.  

Workforce Development

Analyses have demonstrated that EV adoption can result in up to 25 new jobs in the local economy for every 1,000 EVs on the road. The transition to electric mobility also provides opportunities to add new high-quality jobs in the industry directly, from vehicle manufacturing and maintenance to EV charging installation. For every $1 billion spent on charging infrastructure, analysts estimate 10,000–15,000 jobs will be created. 

Resilience and Emergency Preparedness

EVs also have the potential to play an important role in grid stabilization, such as by offloading stored energy back to a home or the grid during peak demand times. They can also provide emergency power during blackouts caused by weather or other disruptive events. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Types 

  • Level 1 
  • Level 2 
  • DC Fast Charger 


Once our EV policy is finalized, we will post it here. 

Publicly Available EV Charging 

Existing Publicly Accessible EV Chargers

The following parking facilities are equipped with publicly accessible electric vehicle station chargers. 

  • They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.   
  • They cannot be reserved in advance. 

Existing Publicly Accessible EV Chargers on City-Owned Land or Right-of-Way

Parking Facility  Address Location  # of Level 2 Charging Plugs # of DC Fast Charging Plugs
Arena Garage 99 S Howard St 2nd Level  4  
Baltimore Street Garage 15 Guilford Ave 2nd Level  8  
Caroline Street Garage 805 S Caroline St 1st Level  6  
Fleet & Eden Garage 501 S Eden St 1st Level  8  
Franklin Street Garage 15 W Franklin St 1st Level  4  
Lexington Street Garage 510 E Lexington St 2nd Level 2  
Little Italy Garage 400 S Central Ave 1st Level 2  
Penn Station Garage 1151 N Charles St Level 1B 3  
West Street Garage 40 E West Street Ground Floor 1  
Baltimore Zoo  1 Safari Pl Off-Street Lot 6  
Edward F. Borgerding District Court  5800 Wabash Ave Off-Street Lot 4  
John R. Hargrove District Court  700 E Patapsco Ave Off-Street Lot 4 4
Leon Day Park 1200 N Franklintown Rd  Off-Street Lot 4  
Middle Branch Park 2825 S Hanover St Off-Street Lot 4  
Carroll Park 1798 Washington Blvd  Off-Street Lot 4  
State Center  1030 Mason St Off-Street Lot 8  
War Memorial Plaza 400 E Lexington St On-Street 2 2
Roosevelt Park    3500 Falls Rd  On-Street 4  

Upcoming EV Charging Station Locations


Parking Facility


Assigned date 

Level 2 Charger 

DC Fast Charger 

Total Charger

JFA Lot  

400 E. Saratoga St 



Waverly Lot 

3201 Barclay St. 



Pennsylvania Av. Market Lot 

1700 Pennsylvania Av. 



Roosevelt Park   

3500 Falls Rd 



Carrol Park 


1798 Washington Blvd 




Middle Branch Park (BCRP) 

2825 S. Hanover St. 



Saint Frances Academy 501 E. Chase St   2 3 5
State Center   1030 Mason St   4 0 4

Equitable Distribution

Expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure will provide greater access to electric charging stations in Baltimore City. The Parking Authority supports the equitable distribution of publicly accessible electrical vehicle charger stations throughout Baltimore City. View the Baltimore City’s Equitable EV Charging Station Site Selection boundaries on a map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download Frequently Asked Questions pdf.

BGE's EV Utilization Summary Reports

Note that revenue is collected by BGE (and not the Parking Authority or the City of Baltimore).

State-owned chargers in Baltimore City, 1/1/2020 through 8/1/2020

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EV Chargers on City-Owned Property

View a Google Map created on 2/13/2020 which shows all EV chargers on Baltimore City-owned property that we are aware of at this time. 

Resources for EV Chargers throughout Baltimore City (City-owned property and non-City-owned property)

Report a Problem

To report problems with an existing publicly accessible EV charging station, submit a Baltimore City 311 Services request

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