Publicly Accessible EV Chargers 

The following EV chargers are publicly available on city-owned land or right-of-way. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. 

Existing Publicly Accessible EV Chargers on City-Owned Land or Right-of-Way

Parking Facility  Address Location  # of Level 2 Charging Plugs # of DC Fast Charging Plugs
Pennsylvania Ave Market Lot  1700Pennsylvania Ave Off-Street Lot 4 2
Baltimore Street Garage 15 Guilford Ave 2nd Level  8  
Caroline Street Garage 805 S Caroline St 1st Level  6  
Fleet & Eden Garage 501 S Eden St 1st Level  8  
Franklin Street Garage 15 W Franklin St 1st Level  4  
Lexington Street Garage 510 E Lexington St 2nd Level 2  
Little Italy Garage 400 S Central Ave 1st Level 2  
Penn Station Garage 1151 N Charles St Level 1B 3  
West Street Garage 40 E West Street Ground Floor 1  
Baltimore Zoo  1 Safari Pl Off-Street Lot 6  
Edward F. Borgerding District Court  5800 Wabash Ave Off-Street Lot 4  
John R. Hargrove District Court  700 E Patapsco Ave Off-Street Lot 4 4
Leon Day Park 1200 N Franklintown Rd  Off-Street Lot 4  
Middle Branch Park 2825 S Hanover St Off-Street Lot 4  
Carroll Park 1798 Washington Blvd  Off-Street Lot 4  
State Center  1030 Mason St Off-Street Lot 8  
War Memorial Plaza 400 E Lexington St On-Street 2


Roosevelt Park    3500 Falls Rd  On-Street 4  
St Casimir's Park 2760 Boston St On-Street 4  
Union Square Park 30 S Gilmore St On-Street 4  
Riverside Park
1700 Johnson St On-Street 4  
Federal Hill Park 800 Covington St On-Street 4  
JFA Lot   400 E Saratoga St  Off-Street Lot 6  
Waverly Lot  3201 Barclay St Off-Street Lot 4 2
Northeast Market Lot 2126 McElderry St Off-Street Lot 2 2
Saint Frances Academy 600 E Eager St Off-Street Lot 4 3
Hollins Market Lot 1122 Hollins St Off-Street Lot 4  
Open Works 1800 Greenmount Ave On-Street 4  


Upcoming Publicly Accessible EV Chargers 

The Parking Authority and other city agencies continue to install additional publicly accessible EV chargers throughout the city. See the list of upcoming publicly accessible EV chargers below. 

Parking Facility  Address Location  # of Level 2 Charging Plugs # of DC Fast Charging Plugs
Cumberland & Carey Park 1641 N Carey St On-Street 6  
Patterson Park 2800 Eastern Ave On-Street 4  
German Park 2423 Linden St On-Street 4  
Buena Vista Park 3984 Buena Vista Ave On-Street 6  
1000 N Chester St 1000 N Chester St On-Street 6  
Middle Branch Fitness & Wellness Center 201 Reedbird Ave On-Street 6  
Herman Williams, Jr. Station 2350 Cecil Ave On-Street 4  
Katherine Johnson Global Academy 2502 Winchester St On-Street 4  
Lake Montebello 3301 Hillen Rd On-Street 6  
Eastwood Community Park/Jaspian Park 400 Quinton St On-Street 6