Requests For Proposals/Requests for Qualifications & Interest

Graphic Design of the 2021 Annual Report

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Questions/Answers Received as of 5/27/2021:

1. On page 1 under “Qualifications” you ask for a “brief narrative explaining how you would perform this work.” If possible, are there further specifications for what you’re seeking for a brief narrative? Are you looking for a one-page summary, or a timeline, or is it up to the submitter?

Answer: It’s up to the submitter

2. On page 1, under “Annual Report,” you mention “The graphic design firm will coordinate photography and printing.” Could we assume that we could coordinate members of your staff to show up within one four-hour block during the work week, if we wanted to feature them? Is there another preference for coordinating timeblocks to allow your staff’s participation?

Answer: I can help coordinate some photos with staff, if necessary.

3. On page 1, under “Annual Report”, you mention “Audited Financial Statements” as part of the items included. Can you please let us know what file format (.pdf, .xls, for example) we’re provided these reports in?

Answer: The financial reports are sent to the graphic designer in Word and Excel documents.

4. On page 1, under “Annual Report,” you mention “Financial reports are approved by the Board of Directors in November.” Do you have a more exact timeline on when we can expect these reports finalized? Could we be provided with draft reports before they’re finalized (or similar reports from previous years)?

Answer: I do not have an exact timeline. The financials are usually approved by our board of directors at the November meeting and then the auditor sends the reports 2-4 weeks later.

5. While we will coordinate photography, will your team provide any existing headshots or are those likely necessary for this project?

Answer: In the past, we have provided headshots, if our board members have ones to share. We have also scheduled a group photo.

6. Would you be interested in illustrations as well as photography?
Answer: Possibly.

7. Do you have a target printing budget per copy?
Answer: No

8. Do you have a budget (or budget range) in mind for this project? Could you share previous year’s costs?
Answer: No to both.

9. Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this?
         (like,from India or Canada)

A: There’s nothing prohibiting us from accepting a proposal from a firm outside of the US, but we rank each proposal on its benefit to the City, so local bids are preferred.

10. Whether we need to come over there for meetings?
A: No

11. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada)

A: Yes, but as stated above, we prefer local businesses.

12. Can we submit the proposals via email?

A: Yes, this is required.

13. The RFP states “…annual reports must be printed and delivered to the PABC offices…”. Can you clarify whether there is one delivery address (200 W Lombard Street, Suite B, Baltimore, MD 21201) or multiple delivery addresses? Can you confirm the address(es)?
Answer: there is just one delivery address – 200 W. Lombard Street, Suite B, Baltimore, MD 21201

14. Are stock photos desired if applicable?
Answer: Stock photos are acceptable in appropriate circumstances.

15. Will there be a required list of photography needs or is this up to the designer's discretion?
Answer: Up to the designer’s discretion

16. Are you accepting bid from outside of Baltimore?

Already answered: yes, but we prefer firms that are located in Baltimore.

17. The RFP requests three letters of recommendation and then states reference later is in the RFP. Are you seeking actual letters of recommendation from our references or only contact information for references?

Answer: We expect to see 3 letters of recommendation in your proposal.

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