About Us

We oversee the management of 14 parking garages and numerous lots, 888 pay-by-license plate parking meters, over 1,500 reserved residential handicap parking spaces, and 46 residential permit parking areas. We also oversee valet parking regulations and a parking planning section.

What We Don't Do

We help find parking solutions in Baltimore City, but we don't issue parking citations. We also do not set parking fines, collect fines or adjudicate parking tickets.

Parking enforcement is handled by the Department of Transportation - (410) 396-6802.

Parking Ticket Collections and Requests for Trials are handled by the Bureau of Revenue Collections - (410) 396-4080.


The mission of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City is to find, create, and implement parking solutions for Baltimore City, and to be the resource on all things "parking" in Baltimore.

History / Creation

The Parking Authority was created by City Ordinance 2000-71 to enhance Baltimore City's position in the planning, development, management, and operations of its parking institution.


A five-member Board of Directors governs the Authority. Members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation. Four members of the Board are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council and one is a member of the City Council appointed by the City Council President. Each member of the Board serves a 3-year staggered term and may be removed at will by the appointing representative.


The Authority's staff is employed to administer the Authority's programs and fulfill the decisions of the Board.


PABC is a “quasi” governmental agency of Baltimore City. We are also a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization.


We follow all laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
The decisions we make are morally right and in the best interest of the city.
We interact with our customers and with our teammates with professional conduct and courtesy at all times.
Our actions and appearance reflect the professional nature of our organization.
We respond quickly to the questions, concerns, and needs of all of our customers and our teammates.
In our interactions with customers and teammates, we are always fair and unbiased.
We are always looking for ways to accomplish our mission better, faster, and at less cost.