Request a New Charging Station

Request a New EV Charger Location 

Please complete the form below to request a publicly available EV charging station. The Parking Authority will evaluate the proposed location for electric infrastructure, parking availability, and community feedback.

Due to limited EV charging equipment, a new charging station may not be available for immediate installation. If a new charging station is not available at the time of request, the proposed location will be considered in the future.

If your request for an EV charging station is approved, it will not be for your exclusive use. Like other parking spaces the Parking Authority manages, this parking space and the use of the charger will be available for use by members of the public and will be subject to relevant laws, restrictions, and regulations. 

What makes a good EV charger location? 

  • Adjacent to parking that is publicly accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week 
  • On city-owned land or right-of-way (such as a sidewalk, public park, or city building) 
  • Accessible to a power source, such as a transformer located on a nearby pole 
  • In a safe, well-lit area 
  • Near amenities, schools, workplaces, or businesses