Car Sharing


The results of the 2016 transportation survey conducted by Zipcar Baltimore are in! According to the results of the survey:

  • More than 74 percent of Zipcar members in Baltimore who responded said they do not own a vehicle, and rely on Zipcar when they need a set of wheels.
  • Sixty-four percent of respondents stated that they got rid of their car or decided not to purchase a vehicle as a result of the availability of Zipcar in Baltimore.
  • According to the survey, the top reason (58 percent) people decided to join Zipcar is because they wanted to avoid the high costs and hassles associated with car ownership, such as gas, insurance, and maintenance (all things that are included in the cost of a Zipcar membership), while more than 55 percent joined because they didn’t want to rely solely on public transportation.
  • Nearly 52 percent of respondents use public transportation the same or more after joining, nearly 36 percent bike the same or more, and more than 76 percent walk the same or more.
  • More than 63 percent are more satisfied with transportation overall.
  • More than 60 percent say Zipcar has increased their quality of life.

In the last year, Zipcar has added over 30 new vehicles to its Baltimore fleet – including new Zipvan Transit Cargo Vans – and now offers over 200 vehicles throughout the Baltimore area, including over 100 vehicles in parking spots allocated through an agreement with the Parking Authority of Baltimore City.  Zipcar has a considerable presence in Charles Village, Fells Point, Mt. Vernon, the Central Business District, Station North, JHU Homewood, and other Baltimore neighborhoods, making it convenient for Zipsters to access a vehicle wherever they are in Baltimore. We know that transit is a hot topic in the Baltimore area right now, and Zipcar is doing our part to make sure members have access to transportation 24/7- or in Zipcar lingo ‘wheels when you want them.

In addition to serving students, individuals, young professional,s and families, Zipcar has also established a relationship with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation within our Zipcar for Business division, providing access to car-sharing for city employees at discounted rates during the week. Zipcar for Business helps businesses, city departments, transportation agencies, and local governments save money, meet environmental sustainability goals and reduce parking requirements by providing their employees with access to Zipcars for business meetings and more.

Zipcar is continuing to grow in the Baltimore market and would love to speak with you more about all our options and how we can benefit urbanites in the area. 

Visit the Zipcar site to learn more or to become a member.