Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Existing Publicly Accessible EV Chargers

The following parking facilities are equipped with publicly accessible electric vehicle station chargers. These chargers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are not able to be reserved in advance. 

Parking Facility  Address # of Chargers Location 
On-Street 400 block E. Lexington Street (at Gay Street) 3 South Side
Arena Garage 99 S. Howard St. 4 2nd Level 
Baltimore Street Garage 15 Guilford Ave. 8 2nd Level 
Caroline Street Garage 805 S. Caroline St. 6 1st Level 
Fleet & Eden Garage 501 S. Eden St. 8 1st Level 
Franklin Street Garage 15 W. Franklin St. 4 1st Level 
Lexington Street Garage 510 E. Lexington St. 2 2nd Level
Little Italy Garage 400 S. Central Ave. 2 1st Level
Penn Station Garage 1151 N. Charles St. 2 Level 1B
West Street Garage 40 E. West Street 1 Ground Floor

Upcoming Publically Accessible EV Chargers

Parking Facility Address # of Chargers Charger Type Date Application Received
On-Street (Baltimore Zoo) 1 Safari Place 3 Level 2 3/9/2021
McElderry (Off-Street) 2200 McElderry Street 3

DC Fast (2)

Level 2 (1)

Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. 4 DC Fast (2)

Level 2 (2)
JFA Lot 400 E Saratoga St. 3 Level 2 2/5/2021
Waverly Lot 3201 Barclay St. 4

DC Fast (2)

Level 2 (2)


EV Chargers on City-Owned Property

This Google Map was created on 2/13/2020 which shows all EV chargers on Baltimore City-owned property that we are aware of at this time. 

EV Chargers throughout Baltimore City

PlugShare and ChargeHub are good resources for EV charging stations in Baltimore City (City-owned property and non-City-owned property).


Once our EV policy is finalized, we will post it here. 

Reporting Problems

To report problems with an existing publicly accessible EV charging station, you will soon be able to submit a Baltimore City 311 Services request

Requesting New Charging Station

Please fill out the form below to request a publicly available EV charging station. Please note that should your request for an EV charging station be approved, it will not be for your exclusive use. Like other parking spaces the Parking Authority manages, this parking space and the use of the charger will be available for use by members of the public and will be subject to relevant laws, restrictions and regulations.