Parking Pad

Interested In Installing A Parking Pad?

Q: How do I apply for a parking pad?
A: You must set up an account to submit applications and plans to Housing, found on the Baltimore City Department of Housing website. The application must be submitted with site plans drafted by a licensed engineer.

Engineer’s certification is not required for plans associated with construction in single-family properties. A right-of-way permit issued through DGS is required for the installation of the driveway apron.

Q: How much space do I need in my backyard?
A: Each vehicle parking space must be at least 162 square feet (approx. 18x9), exclusive of access drives or aisles. Per the Zoning Codes of Baltimore City, §16-403.

Q: How wide does the alley or street have to be? 
A: At least 10 feet wide. Per the Zoning Codes of Baltimore City, §16-404

Q: What materials must be used for surface paving?
A: Asphalt, brick, concrete, macadam, or stone block. Per the Building, Fire, and Related Codes of Baltimore City (IBC) §3112.3

Q: Are there permeable or sustainable options?
A: Yes. The Baltimore Office of Sustainability suggests either ribbon driveways (aka Hollywood driveways) or pervious pavement. Ribbon driveways are two parallel strips of paving, leaving the area in between open for grass or pervious pavers. 
Ribbon Driveway
Pervious (Permeable) pavement, or paver blocks, may be utilized in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Maryland Department of the Environment and can be found in Chapter 5 of the Maryland Stormwater Design Manual.

Q: What is the Stormwater Fee associated with parking pads? Is there a reduction if permeable pavement/pavers are used?
A: Baltimore has a three-tiered flat-rate structure for single-family properties (SFP) parcels based on impervious surface.

Impervious Surface Area (sq ft) Flat Rate/quarter
< 820 sq ft $10
820-1500 sq ft $15
1500+ sq ft $30

Your rate may stay the same or increase into the next tier depending on the amount of impervious surface that currently exists and how much will be added.  With regard to pervious pavement/pavers, a credit may be given if approved by the Department of Public Works Plans Review and Inspections Section.

Download the parking pad info document.