Application Process

Step 1 - Find out if this program is right for you. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on this page or call 443-573-2800 and ask to speak with someone in the Reserved Residential Handicap Parking program to determine if you meet minimum eligibility requirements.

Step 2 - Download an application or call 443-573-2800 and ask for Reserved Residential Handicap Parking to have an application mailed to you

Step 3 - Complete application thoroughly and return to the Parking Authority. To ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner, please return your notarized application with the following information:

  • A full explanation of your disability and how it affects your mobility, signed by your Primary Care Physician
  • Six (6) verifiable signatures from your neighbors, including your two (2) next door neighbors

Step 4 - Once the Parking Authority receives the application, it is checked for completeness including:

  • Notarization
  • Up-to-date medical information with a clear explanation of your mobility restriction and physical limitations
  • Six (6) neighbor signatures (including 2 abutting neighbors)

NOTE: If any of the above information is not included, the application will be returned to you.

  • All signatures are verified by phone and/or mail, with particular attention paid to the applicant’s abutting neighbors.

Step 5 - Once all the required information is submitted and the signatures have been verified, you will receive a call to set up an interview at your home with the Reserved Residential Handicap Manager. During the interview, the manager of the program will:

  • Conduct an investigation to determine if you meet all eligibility criteria for obtaining this service as outlined in the Baltimore City Ordinance (Article 31, Subtitle 9, Sections 9.1-9.21).
  • Mark a 20-foot parking space in front of your home where the signs may be installed, weather permitting, unless otherwise specified by PABC senior staff.

(All installations are subject to underground utility clearance unless existing signposts can be used.)

Step 6 - The Reserved Residential Handicap Parking Manager submits a report to senior staff for final approval.

Step 7 – You are mailed a letter informing you of the outcome of your application.

  • If you have been approved, you will also receive a permit.
  • If you were denied, your letter will provide an explanation of the decision and instructions regarding the appeal process.

Step 8 - If your application was approved, a work order will be submitted to the Department of Transportation for the installation of the poles and signs.

Step 9 - The Department of Transportation installs the signs. Please call the Reserved Residential Handicap Parking Manager at (443) 573-2800 if your signs have not been installed within 6 weeks of receiving your approval letter.

Step 10- If you have not renewed your application three months prior to the expiration date of your permit, you will be mailed a reminder letter with instructions on how to renew your permit.

  • To assist us with expediting this request in a timely manner, please ensure that all medical documentation is attached, all signatures are present, and the application has been notarized.