Handicap FAQs

  1. What is a Reserved Residential Handicap parking space?
  2. Why do we provide this service?
  3. Who qualifies for this accommodation?
  4. Do I have to renew every year?
  5. How do I get an application?
  6. How long does it take to get my reserved disabled permit parking space?
  7. What is the process to obtain a Reserved Residential Handicap Permit?
  8. Can I speed up this process?
  9. Where can I find a Notary?
  10. Is there an appeal process if I am denied?
  11. How do I get a sign removed?
  12. Who do I call if I have questions about the program?

What Is A Reserved Residential Handicap Parking Space?

A designated on-street parking space located in front of or next to a residential unit is reserved for use by a resident who is permanently disabled and mobility restricted.

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Why Do We Provide This Service?

Baltimore City Code mandates this accommodation

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Who Qualifies For This Accommodation?

Individuals who are severely and permanently disabled qualify for this program. Your Primary Care Physician must write a letter explaining your disability and how it affects your mobility.

The Parking Authority of Baltimore City administers this program for Baltimore City residents.  If you are a resident of Baltimore County, please call the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration at 1-800-950-1682.

If you have a driveway, garage, or parking pad next to or behind your house, you do not qualify for a reserved on-street parking space.

If you live on a street with parking restrictions (Look for “No Parking” signs), we may not be able to provide this service to you. If you live in a house on the corner, we may be able to place a reserved handicapped parking space on the street beside your house.

Your neighbors, especially your next-door neighbors, must sign a petition allowing you a reserved parking space in front of your house.  

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Do I Have To Renew Every Year?

Yes, every year you must renew your permit.  If you do not renew your permit at least 3 months prior to your expiration date, a reminder letter and application will be mailed to you.

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How Do I Get An Application?

Call 443-573-2800 to have an application mailed to you, or click here (PDF) to download an application.

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How Long Does It Take To Get My Reserved Disabled Permit Parking Space?

Once you are approved for this accommodation, it generally takes 4 to 6 weeks for the signs to be installed by the Department of Transportation.

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What Is The Process To Obtain A Reserved Residential Handicap Permit?

Click here for a timeline of the process.

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Can I Speed Up This Process?

Yes, please make sure you have your application notarized and include all the necessary documentation including:

  • A full explanation of your disability and how it affects your mobility from your primary care physician
  • Six signatures from your neighbors
  • We verify each signature with a phone call.
  • The consent of your abutting neighbors is particularly important.

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Where Can I Find A Notary?

Your bank or credit union or your employer may have a notary on staff.

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Is There An Appeal Process If I Am Denied?

Yes, if you are denied this accommodation, you will be mailed a letter with an explanation of the decision, grounds upon which an appeal can be submitted, and instructions on how to submit your appeal.

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How Do I Get A Sign Removed?

If you would like to have a Reserved Residential Handicap parking space removed, please call the Reserved Residential Handicap Manager at 443-573-2800.

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Who Do I Call If I Have Questions About The Program?

Please call the Reserved Residential Handicap Manager at 443-573-2800 with any questions.

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