Required Customer Documents

To obtain a residential parking permit, every year an applicant must provide the following:

  1. Maryland driver’s license with RPP eligible address printed on it. MVA Change of Address card is also accepted.
  2. Current Maryland vehicle registration with RPP eligible address printed on it.

Documents must be presented in person or uploaded online. Current vehicle registration is required for each vehicle for which a permit is requested.  This is also applicable for renewals.

Permits are only valid for use by the vehicle with the license plate number issued at the time of sale. A replacement permit is needed upon a change of vehicle, license plate, or windshield.

Residents who do not have the RPP eligible address printed on their MD driver’s license or vehicle registration must provide one of the following:

  1. MVA change of address card
  2. Proof of current student status (current student ID, current acceptance letter, or current class schedule)

New residents will be issued a 60-day temporary permit to allow time to obtain a Maryland driver’s license and a Maryland vehicle registration. New Maryland residents must present their out-of-state driver’s license and vehicle registration along with one of the following:

  1. Current lease (must be signed by all parties including the landlord)
  2. Settlement documents (must be signed by all parties)
  3. Closing disclosure (must be signed by all parties)
  4. BGE, Xfinity (or other internet service provider) pdf statement (no more than 30 days old) or the start of service letter


Exceptions are made for current students (residency & fellowship not applicable), active duty military, and persons in MD on a temporary work assignment that is one year or less (i.e. Travel Nurses). Additional documentation is required. Please email if you have any questions.


To qualify, an applicant must show all other required documentation, proof of homeownership in the City of Baltimore (property tax bill), and proof of ownership at the address outside their RPP area.  Customers must also provide:

  • Current utility bill for both properties that clearly identifies the customer's name.
  • Current property tax bill for both properties

Off-Street Parking Requirement:

  • Areas 89, and 37 have off-street parking requirements for some residences. If you have an off-street parking space (parking pad, driveway, or garage), you are not eligible for a decal for the first car. The 1st vehicle will be assigned to your off-street space and not be eligible to purchase a decal.  If you have a second or third car you can get a decal. Vehicle registration is required for all vehicles.
  • If you have more than one off-street space, you must follow the same process for each off-street space and show it is being used by a resident before decals may be released.