Visitor Permit Replacement Pilot Policy

Visitor Permit Replacement Policy 

The reverse side of a visitor permit states: This permit will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

An exception to the replacement of a visitor permit may only be issued in the following instances:


The visitor permit holder must come to the office with the original torn, shredded or damaged permit.

Stolen w/Police Report:

The visitor permit holder must come to the office with the official police report (the paid report). The incident report that is given on scene is not accepted. 

Healthcare Reason


The original visitor pass holder must come into the office and confirm their pass is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Applicant or resident of eligible RPP home must request a replacement due to a legitimate medical need. 


The replacement will only be considered if the request for replacement includes a healthcare provider’s note on letterhead or prescription paper, stating that "the requesting resident ​______________​__needs a visitor pass dure to nursing care, daily caretaker,  home health aide, etc. ” 

Each request, no matter the type, will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Manager of the Residential Permit Parking office. The Parking Authority reserves the right to deny the replacement of any pass, for any reason.

  • The replacement cost is $20, except in Area B where permits are gratis by law.
  • More than one request for replacement in a 12- month period will result in a denial.

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