Types of Residential Parking Permits

Residential Decal

What is it?

A permit that exempts a resident’s vehicle from posted parking restrictions in a residentially restricted parking area. Decals are affixed on the inside windshield of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Decals must be renewed annually. One area, Area 48, is launching a virtual parking permit, which does not include a physical permit. Instead, a vehicle's license plate number is registered in an online system that is verified by parking enforcement agents. 

In each Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Area, qualified residences are eligible for up to four (4) decals per household.  Required documentation must be verified before permits are issued. Each permit costs $20 per year.

Terms of use apply including the verification of Required Documents each year.

Where do I get a Residential Decal and/or Visitor's Permit?

Due to the pandemic, we are using an online system to request new residential permits. Please note that existing permits that expire(d) after March 2020 remain valid until Maryland's governor rescinds the COVID-19 emergency order.Should I Renew

Getting your permits does not require coming to the Parking Authority Office. By using the online system, you can choose whether your permit is mailed to you or you can print them at home. 

Should I Renew

Temporary Residential Permit

What is it?

This is a temporary permit that allows a resident to park in a residentially restricted parking area temporarily.

This permit is sold instead of a decal while a resident finishes getting all the required documentation.

This permit is good for no more than 60 days.

Terms of use apply including the verification of Required Documents.

Where do I get a Temporary Residential Permit?

Temporary residential permits can be purchased through the online system

Residential Visitor Pass

What is it?

A reusable parking pass that allows guests to park in an RPP area while visiting a resident. The visitor pass exempts vehicles who display the pass on their dashboard from posted residential parking restrictions.

The number of eligible visitor passes varies by RPP area. Area 28 does not issue any visitor passes. Other RPP areas issue 1 or 2 visitor passes with proof of residence.

Visitor passes cost $20 per year.

Terms of use apply. See below. Visitor Passes cannot be replaced except for healthcare reasons.

Where does a Visitor's Permit go? 

Visitor permits should be placed on the driver side dashboard.

Single Day Visitor Permit (AKA Party Pass)

What is it?

Due to the pandemic, Single Day (Party Passes) are not available at this time.

This Single Day Visitor Permit is for when you know you will have a guest that needs to park for up to 24 hours. (Area 28 does not have Single Day Visitor Permits.)

This is a free parking permit.

A resident can request up to four (4) Single Day Visitor Permits a month per address with proof of residence.

If you are in a Stadium Area you are not eligible to get Single Day Visitor Permits on Stadium Event days. (A Stadium Event is any activity at the stadium complex or parking lots at M&T Stadium or Camden Yards. Contact the Maryland Stadium Authority for event dates.)

Stadium Event Areas are B, 5, 8, 9, 15, 19, 30, 40, 41, and 42.

Terms of use apply including the verification of Required Documents.

Temporary Contractor Permit

What is it?

This a residential permit for contractors (especially those with commercial vehicles) doing work on a dwelling unit in an RPP area.

This permit is good for up to 90 days or the length of the contract, whichever comes first. If the permit is needed for over 90 days, you will need to purchase the pass again. The contract must have a specific end date and must be signed by all parties.

This permit costs $20 per permit and a resident is allowed up to four (4) permits per project. In Mount Vernon (Area 28), only two (2) permits are allowed per project.

This permit is good Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Terms of use apply including the verification of Required Documents.

The permit must be applied for using an RPP eligible address.

Temporary Medical Care Provider Permit/Child Care Provider Permit (Nanny Permit)

What is it?

This is an annual residential parking permit for professional or non-professional care providers with a notarized letter from the homeowner stating the days and times needed for care.

The care provider must also show a valid vehicle registration.

This permit costs $20.

Terms of use apply including the verification of Required Documents.

Homeowner Contractor Permit

What is it?

This is a residential permit for homeowners who are doing work on their property where they do not reside.

This permit is good for 30 days. If needed for longer than 30 days, an additional permit must be purchased.

This permit costs $20.

Terms of use apply including verification of Required Documents.

What Rules Must I Follow with the Visitor Permit?

Restrictions on RPP Visitor Permits