Area 48 (Riverside)

New Area 48 Parking Restrictions


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 Virtual Permits Only

Permits for Area 48, Riverside, will be 100% virtual. No decals will be issued.

Blocks Included in Area 48

Residents who live on the following blocks may apply for a virtual permit beginning in January. 

  • 100 Block E. Fort Avenue, odd side (107‐121)
  • 100 Block E. Fort Avenue, odd side (125‐137)
  • 200 Block E. Fort Avenue, odd side (201‐213)
  • 200 Block E. Fort Avenue, odd side (215‐223)
  • 100 Block E. Randall Street, even side (102‐114)
  • 100 Block E. Randall Street, even side (116‐136)
  • 100 Block E. Randall Street, odd side
  • 200 Block E. Randall Street, even side
  • 1500 Block Light Street, odd side
  • 1500 Block Light Street, even side
  • 1500 Block Byrd Street, odd side
  • 1500 Block Byrd Street, even side
  • 1500 Block William Street, odd side
  • 1500 Block William Street, even side
  • 1500 Block Battery Avenue, even side


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Citations issued in Riverside since launch

Dates # Warning Citations Issued # RPP Citations Issued # Commercial Vehicle Citations Issued
2/14/21 - 3/19/21 160    
3/20/21 - 4/20/21   97  
4/20/21 - 5/20/21   28  
5/20/21 - 6/20/21   20 2

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Quick Links:

Area 48 Parking Management Plan

Download draft of Area 48 plans that were reviewed at the public meeting held August 6, 2019, which allowed for public comment at that time and for 6 months afterward.

  • This plan includes which streets are eligible for permits.
  • This plan explains who is eligible for permits and what permits they may acquire, including residents, businesses, churches, and schools in the area.

Residential Permit Parking

Learn more about the Residential Permit Parking program:

Required Documents

We suggest taking a picture of your driver's license and vehicle registration before applying for your permit. 

Because this area is launching during the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the required documents are different than what is normally required. Be aware that next year, more documentation will be required. 

Required Documents for Residents:

  1. Any Photo ID
  2. Current Vehicle Registration MVA issued vehicle registration is required

3. One form of Proof of Residency, such as:

  • Current Lease signed by all parties that is not month-to-month. Month-to-month leases require residents to come to the PABC office each month to renew permits. Month-to-month or automatic renewal leases require additional documentation. Verbal confirmation is unacceptable. Customers showing a lease as proof of residency are still subject to relevant laws limiting the number of permits that may be issued to a residence. Please bring a copy of your lease that clearly identifies all persons residing in the dwelling unit or you may be denied permits.
  • Sub-lease agreements that are not signed by the landlord must be accompanied by the original signed lease.
  • Proof of home ownership (settlement papers)
  • Current driver’s license that reflects your current address
  • Utility bill in your name, reflecting current address, that is no less than 30 days old

Required Documents for Business Owners

Only non-commercial vehicles used by or registered to business owners are eligible for permits. Employee vehicles are not eligible.

    • Articles of incorporation identifying owner and business
    • Current vehicle registration

    Other Documents:

    • Application for Residential Parking (download revised application)
    • Letter of support from Parks and Recreation (download letter)
    • Riverside Petition Cover Sheet (download revised cover sheet)
    • Riverside Petition Special Instructions (download revised special instructions)
    • Email sent to Area 48 subscribers on January 4, 2021(link)

    Mailer sent to residents of Area 48:

    Notice for new residential permit parking area 48

    Scheduling a Visitor's Permit

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      Open/download this pdf for instructions.

      Watch a video on how to schedule a visitor's permit.

      Contact Us

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding this area, please contact Steve Robinson, Manager of Residential Permit Parking, at 443‐573‐2819.