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Should I Renew

When Does Each Area Renew?

RPP Areas by Renewal Months

If you have an owner's or visitor's permit with an expiration date of 3/1/2020 or later, you do not have to do anything until it is less than 30 days before your area usually renews.  If properly displayed, these will be honored until the month and day of the expiration date of 2021 or 2022.

There are some instances where residents do need to apply for a new permit before their area's time to renew.  Please apply only if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are a new RPP customer who has not been able to purchase a permit due to the COVID-19 closure of PABC offices.
  • You are an existing customer who has purchased a new vehicle or has new plates.
  • You are an existing customer who moved from one RPP area to another. If you moved within the same RPP area, you may continue to use the decal and visitor permit(s) you already have.

Residents who qualify can apply online at to have a permit mailed to them or to print at home. The online application will allow residents to upload the required documents that are usually verified in person at the Parking Authority Office or at a Community Pickup. A Parking Authority team member will verify the documents online and mail residents their permits or email them a file to print.

How Can I Get My Permit?

Beginning July 1, 2021, the Parking Authority Office, located at 200 W Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201, will be open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Extended late-night hours and Saturday hours will not be available. The office will be open for residents who do not have online access or experience problems with the website.

Safety Precautions

For the safety of our employees and customers, the office will open with the following restrictions:

  1. There will be a maximum of five customers allowed in the office at a time. Please form a line outside along the wall until you are called to come in.
  2. A mask or face covering must be worn at all times.
  3. A health screening will be required in the Arena Garage lobby before you may enter the PABC office. Entry will be denied if you do not pass the health screening.
  4. Hand sanitization will be available. Please use some when you enter.  
  5. Please do not walk up to any employee desk. Please have a seat and wait to be called, as employees must wipe down surfaces between each customer.

If you have any questions about address eligibility, the online application, or our reopening procedures, please contact us at (443) 573-2800 or email [email protected].


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